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Woohoo my first blog post!

Welcome to Megabit Labs!


This is a fun place I've created to document my adventures in indie game development and pixel art. I'm a rookie so I have plenty to learn and I hope to share some of my learnings and progress here and on (limited) social media.

I'm interested in creating 2D adventure pixel art games with a minimal, retro feel. I've experiemented with Unity3D but it didn't feel right. So I played around with phaser.io for a bit. It was fun but I felt like the amount of code required was slowing down my ablity to get ideas prototyped.

That's when I found GamerMaker Studio 2 and got comfy.

  • I love the interface
  • It lets you get a prototype together incredibly fast
  • The built in sprite editor is awesome
  • There is a huge amount of free learning material available

In time I'll write up more blog posts about tutorials I've followed, lessons learnt, and dev logs on actual projects I'm working on. I'm looking forward to sharing my progress and meeting more people in the indie game community.

I haven't got comments working on this blog so if you want to reach out and say hi or ask a question you can find me on twitter (link bottom left of screen).

Let the games begin!

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